Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Our aerial photography services mean that you can capture images that were once either impossible to shoot or very expensive.

This can be adapted to any industry that would benefit from a unique perspective on your product or project. Drone photography produces ultrasharp 300DPI 20MP images which are also ideal for use in surveying and can be merged to produce larger images if required. The quality makes the images suitable for print as well as online.

Our 20 years photography experience mean that we can utilise what is essentially a flying camera to its best and ensures that the final image is not only taken with skill, care and precision but also post processed to a high level using the full Adobe Creative Suite including Adobe Camera RAW, Lightroom and Photoshop.

Esprit Drone Services can also offer ground based photography to complement the aerial work and are experienced architectural/property photographers. Many clients utilise the benefit of this by combining a half day of aerial and a half day of static photography to produce a full suite of marketing images from one visit.

If you need to include video, we can help with this too.



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